Thursday, July 14, 2011

Down Syndrome and D.A.D.S.

Blogaholic Designs”=If you are a dad, and your child has Down syndrome, you should check out D.A.D.S. (that is Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome). The national organization's web site is located at D.A.D.S. is a wonderful organization made up of fathers with children who just happen to have Down syndrome. Locally, our group meets once a month to talk about our kids and to support each other and compare notes and generally just to have a connection with other dads who are living our experiences.

Each child or adult with Down is different, even though they share many characteristics. Apart from similarities in appearance, they may be as different as night and day. Some may be shy, some outgoing; some may be verbal, some use sign; some may participate in sports, some are couch potatoes - wow, sounds just like typical kids and adults, huh?

John Goodrich writes a wonderful blog about D.A.D.S., and you can read his comments and link to the national organization at There are other links there as well, and if you visit the site, you are encouraged to participate in an existing chapter or start a chapter where you are. Speaking of a proud dad of a young woman with Down, I can tell you that this organization is well worth checking out!

Get on board, dads! Check out D.A.D.S.


Anonymous said...

I'll pass this along to my own Dad (as my brother has Down Syndrome) and check it out myself. He's a great brother and a good friend. And he's in better shape than most of us. Last summer he actually competed in the National Special Olympics in Nebraska in track and field and brought home two golds.

Thanks for the site.
Paul D. Dail

jmrinaldo said...

That is awesome! Our daughter has participated in S.O. for many years, and she is now in powerlifting, bowling, basketball, and bocce.
Your dad will get a lot out of DADS, I will bet.
Thanks for the comment.