Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check Me Out!

If you love a good read (and who doesn't?), check out an excerpt from my new ebook, A SPY AT HOME, on my web page - I know you'll enjoy the book, and you can purchase and download it from the Kindle Store on

Here's a teaser blurb:

When Dad becomes the lone caregiver for a dependent adult son, Dad has to answer the terrifying question: What happens if I die first?

A retired CIA operative comes to believe he wasted his professional life not only promoting questionable American policies, but missing life with his family. After his wife dies in a tragic accident, he must learn all that she knew about caring for their mentally retarded son. After a life of planning for contingencies, the former spy must deal with the possibility that he may die before his son. Who will care for the son when the dad spent a life out of the country and now has no one to lean on?

Constructive criticism or a book review is always welcome, and you can also email me at for more info on the book.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blogging novice

I am really, really new to blogging, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to learn communication in this way. The Reader's Digest Condensed version of what I'm up to right now is learning new skills so that I can promote my new ebook, A Spy At Home. You can see an excerpt from my novel, and order it for download to your reader, PC, iPOD, iPhone, iPAD, or Blackberry from in the Kindle Books Store.

I am eager to see how blogging sparks my own creativity, and I would like to invite you to share your thoughts on my book, A Spy At Home, once you've read it (constructive criticism is always welcome).