Sunday, January 29, 2012

PRESS RELEASE! Every Child is Entitled to Innocence - release date 2/14/12!

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Press Release

Every Child is Entitled to Innocence will be the first publication of the newly- formed Orangeberry Publishing Group. Due to release on February 14th, profits from the sales of this e-book will be donated to Child Helpline International.

Says initiator of the project, Dr. Niamh Clune, “I met many writers through the Internet that experienced difficult childhoods yet have overcome their brutal beginnings. I wanted to make the first Orangeberry publication a celebration of creative imagination. This powerful friend of damaged children plays an essential role in an abused child’s recovery. Gathering this series of stories was a joy. Orangeberry Books has developed special, vibrant relationships with contributors and has forged many lasting friendships.

We encouraged happy stories that reflected the innocence of childhood when infants feel wrapped in the warmth of loving arms. We wanted to contrast these with the sad ones, making them stand out in relief against a bright backdrop. We felt this comparison would demonstrate, without explanation, what happens when innocence is stolen.

In this book, the reader will find many wonderful, heart-warming stories; whilst the sad ones demonstrate the magnificence of the human spirit as it triumphs against all the odds."

Executive Editor, Karen S. Elliott stated, “While I looked at all the stories in the Every Child anthology, I edited only a few. I thought it was important, for this tome, that the writers be able to express the heartbreak and joy of childhoods past without censorship.”

Spokesperson for Orangeberry Books, Niamh Clune, explained how The Orangeberry Group is at the vanguard of a new wave of Internet publishing companies. Orangeberry aims to put quality first and bring exciting, exceptionally talented authors to the reader’s attention. Its focus is not on commercialism, but on quality, beautifully written, well-told stories. Orangeberry will also publish poetry. A further aim of the publishing company is to bring a collection of exceptional artists from across many different art disciplines to collaborate on projects in a personal, hands-on, mutually supportive manner.

The motto of the company is, ‘Paying it Forward.’ The company relies on a well-developed social network, the dedication of the core team members, their talent and enthusiasm coupled with a socially entrepreneurial spirit. Supporters and members of this group will also benefit from on-line mentoring, a book-club, the Youth Tube Channel, and the OBBlog.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Guest Post from Lorane Leavy!

Blogaholic Designs”=I am proud to welcome Lorane Leavy as my guest post-er for the day! I know you will enjoy her post! Remember, comments are encouraged and welcomed. Lorane's blog is called "Last Seen Wearing Thin" and can be found at Today's post is entitled "Resolutions, Revelations, Rallies", and was originally posted on her blog on December 31, 2011.
     Been hearing all manner of change - that will debut tomorrow. Hardly a joiner, I most definitely am a muller. My musings took me from "Remembering" yesterday to 'and now?' today. We have scanned, eye to mind, mind touching mind, with all the reverent anticipation of "Looking for Mr. Goodbar", through the frenzied yet purposeful jungle that we call mankind. If one subscribes to the concept - and I daresay I do - of the 'Whole' of Mankind, then one accepts the thesis (count me in) that mankind is indivisible and the 'mysteries' not yet solved speak not to Nature's disorder but to man's intellectual immaturity.
     Please forgive me the bromides indispensable to pragmatically applying this thesis to my advocacy of the rights to which, I believe, mankind is entitled. First, you gotta believe that injury to any part of mankind injures - in part - all of mankind.
     (John Donne drove this home with: "No man is an island. Each man's death diminishes me for I am involved in mankind. So, ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee." The boy indeed had a knack.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Contest - E-Book Giveaway!

Blogaholic Designs”=Lisa Taylor is hosting a contest/ebook giveaway on her blog, Writer's Block Party! Enter to win a free ebook by either Lisa, Joseph Rinaldo (me!), or Graham Smith! You know you LOVE free stuff, and what better way to get free stuff than to enter this giveaway! It's easy, and there aren't hundreds of things you have to do! Get ready, get set, enter! The link is

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spotlight Feature on DARLENE'S BOOK NOOK!

Blogaholic Designs”=I'm so pleased and proud to have a spotlight feature on Darlene's Book Nook! It's called "Spotlight Saturday: Author Interview and Giveaway with Joseph M. Rinaldo, author of A Spy At Home", and here is the link: Please check out the interview and enter the giveaway for a free copy of A SPY AT HOME!