Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Time, No Write!

Been gone too long from these blog pages. Glad to be back, and very proud to announce the release of my second ebook, Pirates and Politics! Here's a brief synopsis:

Becky, a strong woman, feels her husband has drifted away. Wanting more out of life than the emptiness at home, she follows her dream and runs for a seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

While she’s campaigning, pirates raid boats on Kentucky Lake, a major tourist and commerce lifeline in Becky’s district.

The political campaign gets rough, but Becky fights back. Big contributors infuse her campaign with the money needed to counter-attack the incumbent. Now she worries about the favors they’ll call in if she wins.

Back home Becky and her husband must decide how or if their relationship will continue after he finds out about her affair.

The new book is available on my web site at . It can be purchased for $5.99 and downloaded to virtually any electronic device that will read a pdf or digital file.

Hope you enjoy this read as much as I enjoyed the writing!


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