Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fishing makes me smarter

Fishing is an interesting.......activity. I'd call it a sport, but any sport that involves a jerk on one end of a pole waiting for a jerk on the other end can hardly qualify.

One thing fishing does, though, is help me focus. Ideas for novels and how to promote them seem to come much more quickly and clearly when I'm doing things that make it impossible to write them down: showering, brushing my teeth, driving, and most especially fishing. I've considered taking along a pocket recorder so that I don't lose any of these brilliant thoughts, but I know if I were fishing, it would quickly end up in the drink.

I've tried repeating key words over and over until I can get to a pen and paper, but then I'll feel a tug on the end of my line, and suddenly I'm not trying out new ad captions in my head, I'm feeding the fish! And when I actually catch one, even if it's far too small to keep, I feel like Alexander the Great conquering the Himalayas on elephants.

So, even if you're squeamish about worms or crickets, you can use fake bait and fish, fish, fish till the cows come home.

Has anyone ever figured out what time cows do come home????????????????????????

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