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I am proud to announce the rebroadcast of my author interview about my novel Valerie's Retreat on TheAuthorsShow.com. The interview is being broadcast again on 3/25/14 on the show page at http://www.wnbnetworkwest.com/WnbAuthorsShow.html. My thanks to Don McCauley and all the crew at The Authors Show for a fun, relaxed, entertaining interview. Take a listen!

 When you've finished listening to the interview, and your appetite for a Romantic Thriller has been whetted, go to Amazon and take a "Look In" to read the first chapter of the novel.

Here's just a "taste":

The DJ played several more songs before he decided to pack it in for the evening. Janet and Valerie took Franco home. Valerie walked with him up to his apartment door.
"Would it be all right if I called you sometime?" he asked nervously.
"That would be fine," she smiled. "Do you have a pen to write down my number?"
"Come on in, I’ll find one real quick so Janet doesn’t have to wait very long for you."
"Relax, Franco, she doesn’t mind waiting."
He held the door for her to enter first. To her relief and surprise, this bachelor pad struck her as being as clean and tidy as her own apartment. So far, no red flag with this guy, she thought.
He grabbed a pen and paper off the coffee table and took down her number. They lightly kissed good night.
The instant Valerie shut the car door Janet practically screamed, "What the hell are you doing?! He’s about fourteen years old!"
"Oh, puh-leez!" a giddy, giggling Valerie shot back.
"You’ll have to teach him how to drive in a few years!"
"Janet, you’re just jealous."
"Damn right I’m jealous! Did you make a man of him while you were in his apartment?" Janet howled with laughter.
"Not yet." Valerie smiled.
"So when are you two going out?"
"He said he’ll call me."
"You know what that means Val. No man ever calls when he says he will."
"I know. Whatever; if he calls, great; if not, no big deal," she said, resigned to the truth of Janet’s words.
"Did you ever find out how old he is?"
"No, Janet." She looked at her friend with mock disapproval. "I couldn’t think of a way to bring it up tactfully. How old’s Charlie or whatever his name was that you threw yourself at?"
"I don’t know, but he’s obviously a few years older than that child you clung to."
"I bet he’ll be man enough for me," Valerie giggled again.
"With that school-girl squealing, you sound as young as he IS!"
Janet pulled up in front of Valerie’s apartment, and Valerie got out. "Thanks for dragging me to that dance. It was fun."
"No problem, chicky, we’ll just have to wait and see if your young forbidden fruit calls you."
"Well, Janet, in the unlikely event he calls, his fruit won’t be forbidden." Valerie smiled shutting the car door.

 Now that you've had a chance to sample the book, what do you think? It's an intriguing story of a May-December romance, only the gender roles have changed. Valerie's no "Cougar", but she's certainly not above involving herself with a man 16 years her junior. How do they meet? What draws them to each other? Is the attraction purely physical? What happens to them when their lives go inexplicably wrong?

Read Valerie's Retreat and find out the answers to these questions, and follow Valerie and her "boy toy", Franco, as they hatch a plan to abandon their angst-filled lives and re-invent themselves.

Amazon buy link (ebook): http://goo.gl/JH4Q1t
Amazon buy link (paperback): http://goo.gl/UdA1hw

Happy reading!


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