Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am proud to feature Niamh Clune's new release, Orange Petals in a Storm. Niamh was born in Dublin in 1952. She was one of eight children. During the 1970's she was a singer/songwriter in London and was, at the same time, deeply involved in London's spiritual development movement. In 2002, she earned a PhD from Surrey University, UK, in "Acquiring Wisdom through the Imagination."

She has been described as a polymath! She is a writer, teacher, spiritual psychologist, award-winning social entrepreneur, environmental campaigner and award-winning writer of songs.

Niamh has lived and worked in Africa for Oxfam, UNICEF and World Food Programme, which she describes as one of the defining moments in her life. She is the author of The Coming of the Feminine Christ. Her latest publication, Orange Petals in a Storm, is the first in the Skyla McFee series.

Orange Petals in a Storm: A spiritual, inspirational story to feed the soul. In Skyla's world, we find shelter from every hazard and outlive the longest night.

A bedraggled and bruised eleven-year-old child races through the rain-drenched streets of East London as though the hounds of hell were after her. She tries to reach the home of her childhood, a home that was hers until her mother’s recent death. What becomes of Skyla McFee once she arrives there? From whom does she run?

This is a story about a wonderful child who endures great suffering at the hands of her stepfather. Though she lives in a harsh reality, she evolves spiritually despite, or perhaps because of the hurt she suffers. The magical way she transcends her unbearable life through her inner world transports us into the hauntingly beautiful world of the imagination. Telling you that Skyla triumphs over her situation is not a spoiler – because as you get to know her, you realise there is no other way. She must triumph because of who she is.

Read what others say about this book:

“…A delicate, luminous, mysterious book. I am not able to decide what the exact genre is - is it magical realism? Fantasy? Literary fiction? All of the above? It's hard to define.”

“After reading the first paragraph, I knew I had picked a winner. The story instantly engages you, the words flowing elegantly and as magically as the story itself…”

“This is deeply soulful writing, pitch perfect for our fractured times.”

“Unputdownable…You will read and re-read.”

“Niamh Clune is, in the Irish tradition, a masterful wordsmith. The story is beautifully written, powerful, moving, original and believable.”

“…A female Pat Conroy. This Irish lassie has been kissed by the faeries in order to come up with such an outstanding work. Mystical writing at its best!”

Thank you, Niamh, for letting me share the good news about your book, Orange Petals in a Storm. The book can be purchased in Kindle or paperback on Amazon at and on Smashwords at Visit Niamh at her website at and her Facebook page at


Betty Dravis said...

Thanks, Joe, for informing us more about Dr. Niamh Clune. She's a multi-dimensional woman and extremely talented in many fields.

She is special for her caring, giving ways and for truly helping other authors.

I love your account of my dear friend.

Hugs - Betty Dravis

jmrinaldo said...

She is most gracious, generous, and compassionate. A great guide along the road of authorship and mentorship. I agree.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

That sounds amazing! I LOVE the cover. :0)
I love it when words flow just as well as the story does.

Nicki Elson said...

Sounds like a fascinating read by a fascinating person. Thanks for this lovely intro.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the info on what seems like a wonderful read from a wonderful person! Thanks! I found you one voiceBoks and am now so glad I'm following you!